Friday, October 5, 2007

A Priest, a Rabbi and a Poet Walk into a Novel...

I still write oh 4 or 5 poems a week at the
urging of various exchanges, but now,
composing a novel where one of the
characters is a poet, voila: a new opportunity.

Thought I'd post an example of this character's
pieces. It comes into the narrative to
amplify the notion that this loveable guy had a
penchant for "precocious deconstructivism,"
performing incomprehensibly even before



The oaken leaves attempt a take-off
at every flighty whim of the wind,
yet many's the twig won't let them go.

This serves as reminder for us that fat cats
can grow so clutchy-attached to themselves
they seldom will reach our enlightened ground.

Look how their rage sweeps them off at loose ends,
these Fat Cats, to cluster along a North Wall
where the chance remark of a Network Executive

stirs them to plunge with a lethal ice-dagger,
a jury-proof weapon that melts once it kills,
as (ha!) down here, we Others are basking

in kindlier weathers, with lucky toehold
on precincts made safe from intense foul play,
thus feeling no need to enhance our enchantments

as big pomposo clouds roll in
while sugar trees yield like affable uncles
and Eleanora unbuttons her shirt.


At October 8, 2007 at 7:32 AM , Blogger Robert Link said...

Sounds like one heck of a project, especially the notion of being able to craft a character who writes poems but isn't a thinly veiled you writing poems your way. Hope you'll grace us with more excerpts.


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