Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wanted to urge y'all to see the film
JULIE & JULIA if you haven't already.

Please put it on your list.

In addition to the acting and writing
you've likely heard about, it reveals
extraordinary insights into female
nature and is also about the artist's
passion to gain recognition and

Here's a poem of mine from way back,
one of several taking Julia for a hero.
Here she just makes a cameo appearance
which supports the point made above.
I dedicated it to one of my daughters
who is a particular stickler at getting
things right (and a weeper just like me),

for Simms Teramoto

Just because I tend to weep
at funerals, at weddings,

sometimes at well-spiced noodle-dishes;

once while reading Kurt Vonnegut
where he wrote that The Statler Brothers, great singers,
adopted the name of their band from a brand
of paper towels, and once when Julia
Child spent twenty-two pages telling
how properly to prepare french bread,

doesn't mean (recalling Goethe-,
Beethoven-loving Nazis) that I'm

a good guy, just because I weep...
but God, it feels that way!



At December 5, 2009 at 10:24 AM , Blogger requejo said...

I went to see Julie & Julia. Then I ran into some friends that had also seen it. One said that it was a movie about women. The other a movie about husbands. How silly of me, I thought it was a movie about food.

Today on a Writer's Almanac, your poem "Marriage" was read by Garrison Keillor and he injected at the penultimate line "known" not "know". Was this correct?


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