Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poor Blog, so long neglected! But I do return now
and then, getting in the habit of posting poems
that have been with me for a great while and are
unlikely to appear elsewhere. Poems (& blogs)
feel like intimates deserving attention and care:
Be considerate, Barry!

Here's an April poem:


Meant for children & growing things,
for hope and lilies,
Spring seeks the swamp of the snakes to spread
her Cypress knees.


This warming season
the moth-fly scatters its dust,
the sage gnat and the tiddlywink flea
like piccolo music leap into day.


Tall & proud, the waifs of Spring,
little ones, sprites on a balance-bar,
bounce like lambs in the April fields.
Plump plum blossoms flirt with the bees.



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